How to Sell Your Home

Sell Your Home Fast with Zero Stress

We all know that when it comes to selling, presentation matters. After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. The numbers clearly show that properties that are well maintained and immaculately presented generate more interest and sell more quickly with better results.

There are numerous articles out there offering advice on how to present your home for sale. But not everyone has access to furniture and home wares that create the WOW factor. And it’s not always easy to maintain your home in showcase condition on a daily basis, especially when you work and have children.

Create Maximum Impact for a Better Outcome

Professional property styling can make a dramatic difference (sometimes tens of thousands of dollars more) to the outcome of your sale. Contrary to what many think, professional styling isn’t reserved for the rich. If you were selling your car, you would likely have it detailed before putting it on the market. Property styling is really no different.

Here are Some Good Reasons to Consider Professional Property Styling:

The right styling theme (suited to the target market and your area) can make a dramatic difference to the perceived value of the property.
The WOW factor generates positive emotion and emotion sells (remember, buyers make a decision to buy when they can imagine themselves living in the home).
Property stylists deliver objectivity to the look and feel of your property. You might love your grandmother’s old lounge suite and cluttered decorative pieces, but your buyers may not.
The right styling can increase the sense of space and light in your home and make the most of any views.
Maintain the showcase look & eliminate the stress of selling

Why not consider vacating your property during the sales campaign period. This ensures your property maintains the ‘just styled look’ with zero effort and zero stress for you and your family.  When your property is styled, your own possessions are placed in storage, giving you a huge head start on the moving process. You and your family could move into a furnished holiday apartment, while your agent gets on with selling your home for the highest price possible. Consider it a holiday for you and your family paid for by the higher price you can anticipate receiving on the sale of your home.

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